Apprentice Award

The Apprentice Award recognises and applauds exceptional individuals in the automotive field who are currently in the early stages of their career development.

This award celebrates apprentices who have shown outstanding dedication, skills, and a commitment to learning in various areas of the automotive industry. It aims to encourage and highlight the achievements of promising talents within the sector.


Essential Eligibility Criteria

  • This award is open to individuals enrolled in an apprenticeship programme within the automotive industry. This includes roles in any capacity of the automotive sector, from technical roles like mechanic, painter, or electrician to sales, after-sales and service positions.


Award Criteria

Demonstrated Skill Development: Demonstrate evidence of significant skill development and mastery in their specific area of the automotive industry.

Commitment to Learning: Demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and professional growth through participation in training programs and educational opportunities.

Workplace Contribution: Demonstrate evidence of how the apprentice has made meaningful contributions to their workplace, including innovation, problem-solving, or enhancing operational efficiency.

Dedication and Work Ethic: Evidence of displaying a strong work ethic and dedication to their craft, going above and beyond in their role as an apprentice.

Leadership and Teamwork: Ability to work effectively within a team, showing potential leadership qualities and positively influencing others.

Customer Service Excellence: Demonstrated excellence in customer service, contributing to positive customer experiences and outcomes.

Professional Development: Evidence of setting and achieving personal professional development goals, showing dedication to continuous improvement and career advancement within the automotive industry.

Achievements and Recognitions: Evidence of any recognitions or achievements received during the apprenticeship, highlighting the apprentice’s standout performance.


Submissions should be clear, concise, and supported by verifiable evidence or data where possible. Each criterion should be addressed individually, providing specific examples or case studies that demonstrate excellence and distinguish the individual from his/her peers.

The judging panel may request to interview or set a test for an entrant as enhanced assessment if required.

Making Your Entry Stand Out

When you’re making your application, take your time to be clear. It’s easy to over explain your achievements, to go into too much detail or to spend time only on one item.

Try to break down your application into sections that are clear, concise and really tell a story about who you or your brand are. Our judges want to understand you, get to know you and to understand the authentic contribution you’re making to the industry.

Keep it simple

Be clear and concise in your application, the judges want to see exactly what you can do.

Use Examples

If you have stats or specific stories, include them. Our judges want to get to know you.

Be Yourself

Be authentic. Tell us what your experiences are, not what you think our judges want to read.

Sing your own praises

This is your chance to really shout about what you’ve been doing. Don’t be modest!

Let's get started

Hit the ignition on your entry to this year’s awards. Click the link to be sent to our online awards application portal, create a login and save your entry as you progress. Then, when you’re ready, submit ahead of the deadline.