Sales Manager

Are you a highly successful Sales Manager?

The Sales Manager Award recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual who has excelled in managing a highly successful sales team to help a Northern Ireland vehicle retailer achieve or exceed its sales targets.

The award winner will demonstrate how they have successfully motivated and educated their sales team with a customer-focused approach, and how they implemented and measured strategies to outperform business objectives and forecasts.


Essential Eligibility Criteria

  • The individual must hold the position of Sales Manager within a vehicle retailer in Northern Ireland.


Award Criteria

Strategic Sales Planning: Demonstrate the implementation of innovative sales strategies and tactics that align with business goals and market dynamics.

Motivation, Education and Retention: Demonstrate methods for motivating, educating and retaining the sales team to enhance performance and maintain a customer-focused approach, including training programmes, career progression opportunities, and a positive work environment.

Performance Measurement: Demonstrate the effective use of performance metrics and KPIs to measure sales success, identify areas for improvement, and implement timely solutions.

Customer Satisfaction: Demonstrate evidence of a strong customer-centric approach in sales practices, contributing to high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Achievement of Sales Targets: Demonstrate clear examples of how sales targets were met or exceeded, including specific sales figures and milestones achieved under their leadership.

Innovation and Adaptability: Demonstrate innovative sales techniques or technologies and adaptability to market changes or challenges.

Contribution to Business Growth: Demonstrable impact on the overall growth of the vehicle retailer, including expanding customer base, increasing market share, or enhancing brand reputation.


Submissions should be clear, concise, and supported by verifiable evidence or data where possible. Each criterion should be addressed individually, providing specific examples or case studies that demonstrate excellence and distinguish the individual from his/her peers.

The judging panel may request to interview or set a test for an entrant as enhanced assessment if required.

Making Your Entry Stand Out

When you’re making your application, take your time to be clear. It’s easy to over explain your achievements, to go into too much detail or to spend time only on one item.

Try to break down your application into sections that are clear, concise and really tell a story about who you or your brand are. Our judges want to understand you, get to know you and to understand the authentic contribution you’re making to the industry.

Keep it simple

Be clear and concise in your application, the judges want to see exactly what you can do.

Use Examples

If you have stats or specific stories, include them. Our judges want to get to know you.

Be Yourself

Be authentic. Tell us what your experiences are, not what you think our judges want to read.

Sing your own praises

This is your chance to really shout about what you’ve been doing. Don’t be modest!

Let's get started

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